Oral Design - Murilo Calgaro Dental Design Institute

Murilo Calgaro - Brazil

Email: murilo@murilocalgaro.com.br

Lab Address:

Av Des. Hugo Simas 107, Bom Retiro

Curitiba PR


Phone: 55-41-3015-8383

Website: www. Murilocalgaro.com.br

With an early start on dental and periodontal atmosphere, Murilo Calgaro began studying prostheses at the age of 18, graduating at SENAC, São Paulo. After several interships in São Paulo, Calgaro creates a custom differentiated branch, incorporated at Labor Calgaro, one of the most recognized dental prostheses laboratory in South America, with more than 40 years of experience.

In 2009, Calgaro creates the Dental Institue by Calgaro, developing aesthetic improvement techniques for dental prostheses. Including professional experience at Belgium, with Dr. Eric Van Dooren, Calgaro could improve even more the your style and prostheses procedures skills. Calgaro also worked with Ateliê Dental professional team, beside Dr. Fábio Hiroshi Fujyi, well respected segment technician.