Oral Design Bodensee

Joachim Maier - Germany

Email: info@oraldesign-bodensee.de

Lab Address:

Oral Design Center
Schreibersbild Strasse 30
88662 Uberlingen

Phone: 49-7551-9949870

Website: www.oraldesign-bodensee.de

In 1992, after completing a dental technology apprenticeship in Stuttgart, Germany, Mr. Maier worked as a dental technician at the School for Dental Medicine in Tübingen. Five years at a renowned laboratory in Stuttgart were followed by collaborating with Kenneth A. Malament DDS, MScD, in Boston, MA, and teaching as a visiting lecturer the Postdoctoral Program for Prosthodontics at Tufts University, School of Dental Medicine and Harvard School for Dental Medicine. In 1999, Mr. Maier graduated from Master Dental Technical School in Munich, Germany. In the same year he became co-founder and part owner of Bodensee Dentaltechnik AG, a metal-free dental laboratory limited to all-ceramic and CAD/CAM technology in Meersburg, Germany. In 2008 he won the award for “Best Lecture of 2008” at the ADT Congress in Stuttgart.

Today he is running the Bodensee Oral Design Center, located in Überlingen, Germany at Lake Constance. The laboratory specializes in fixed prosthesis with all-ceramic systems. Mr. Maier gives presentations and courses on all-ceramic, minimally invasive restorations implant-borne prosthesis and CAD/CAM technology, and he reports on his experience with over 8000 units of zirconia in Europe, the United States and Asia.