Oral Design Berlin

Juergen Mehrhof - Germany

Email: Zahntechnik.mehrhof@web.de

Lab Address:

Zahntechnik Mehrhof GmbH
Ruechlinstrabe 10-11 
10553 Berlin 

Phone: 49-30-3435-8133


Born in 1967. training as a dental technician in Speyer am Rhein. 

Initial experience with complex implant works he collected in 1993 at a einjährigern abroad in Honolulu, Hawaii. 1996 master's certificate in Berlin. 
He founded a dental laboratory in Berlin in 1995, which is increasingly developing as a training center and meeting place for the exchange of specific techniques and methods in dental technology. He has ten employees

Active in focusing on function, ceramics and implant-supported reconstructions, in close collaboration with the patient and therapist, the aesthetic is a special consideration.

Development of an integrated approach to aesthetic, functional rehabilitation of patients with large hard and Weichgewebsverlust means stuck implant restorations. 
(PBLG- structure)

Oral Design member since 2003, Dental Excellence founding member. 
International speakers activities since 1999th

Inventive activity since 2005 in the field of laboratory technical products; Various patents pending. 
Production and sales Laboratory Technical products since of 2006.