Oral Design Grabenstätt

Christian Vordermayer - Germany

Email: christian@oraldesign-chiemsee.de

Lab Address:

Christian Vordermayer
Kaltenbacher Weg 13 
83355 Erlstaett 

Phone: 0861-209 90 13

Website: www.oraldesign-chiemsee.de

MDT Christian Vordermayer

In the year 2006 I successfully passed a master examination and opened my laboratory "BeautyDent" in my home in Grabenstätt am Chiemsee. Today we work in a team of 16 people. Patient-oriented work is an integral and important part of our daily work.

Zirconium dioxide, which today is no longer conceivable for dental technology, was for me a highly interesting material right from the start, and I have been processing it since 2000. 

Since 2009, I share this experience with my colleagues in the Opinion Leader Group of Creation and gladly pass it on to my students and lectures. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my short-term participants, my audience and not least my clients.