Oral Design Scotland

John Tyszko - Great Britian

Email: oraldesignscotland@hotmail.co.uk

Lab Address:

Oral Design Scotland Cosmetic and Implant Center
3 Cherry Court, Cavalry Park
Peebles, Scotland EH45 9BU

Phone: 44-1721-724-375

Website: www.oraldesignscotland.com/

Studied at

Edinburgh Dental Hospital

Qualified as a dental ceramist


Awarded the oral design status by Willi Geller in 1999

Specialising in

Crown & Bridge, implants, removable/fixed hybrid prosthetics, shade analysis



Fishing, walking, swimming, attending the gym, dancing, dining out and traveling


A little bit more....

John has been in the profession for over 40 years now and has loved every moment of it. From his early days as a ceramist he was always keen to be highly involved in the private sector of the industry and push the boundaries of dentistry and ceramics. As soon as John got involved in the private sector he would be asking patients to visit for shade analysis, doing photography of the current situations and getting highly involved in the individual cases to a very personal level. He has worked with some of the leading clinicians around the country and has developed good relationships with his current clients visiting them and staying in touch with them as much as he can. John takes great pride in the work he produces, whether it be the restorations he creates or the photography and sketch work he does when patients visit. A great achievement for John in his career though was being given the award of 'oral design' status to himself and his studio. This showed that his hard work and dedication to the industry, sharing of knowledge and working to the highest standards was noticed and he has never looked back!