Oral Design Trento

Sonia Cattazzo - Italy

Email: odt.sonia@hotmail.com

Lab Address:

Nonsolodenti Piazza S. Teresa Verzeri 8/1

38122 Trento Italia

Phone: +39 0461 231424

Website: www.nonsolodenti.com

Sonia Cattazzo was born in Rovereto (Italy) in 1968.

She graduated as a dental technician in 1986 and immediately started working in a laboratory where she developed her technical education in fixed prosthesis in particular in metal ceramics.

After several work experiences, in 2000 she began to work at the Nonsolodenti Laboratory in Trento, where she specialized in metal free ceramic and decided to continue her education in ceramics and aesthetics attending a lot of courses, with the best dental technician in the world:

Willi Geller, Ulrich Werder, Bertrand Thievent, John Won, Giuseppe Zuppardi, Shigeo Kataoka, Marco Di Pietro, Naoki Aiba, Gérald Ubassy, Claude Sieber, Joachim Maier, Sascha Hein, JungoHendo, Michel Magne,Yuas Naoto.

Her main passion is the aesthetics but since a while she as been dedicating with the same passion to gnathology following the method of Vienna School by Prof. R.Slavicek.

She is a consultant and product evaluator for the important companies of the dental industry, for which also she writes articles.