Oral Design

Erik Mentink - Netherlands

Email: info@oraldesign.be

Lab Address:

Regentesselaan 17

7316 AB Apeldoorn




Phone: 31-55-301-3004

Website: www.oraldesign.be

The clientele consists mainly of Dutch and Belgian dental practices.

Since 2008, moved to the Netherlands and are active under the name oral designer Erik Mentink


  • 2014 official collaboration with 4Dental group
  • 2008 establishment in the Netherlands
  • 2005-2008 cooperation with Labo Prothesia Wijnegem (B)
  • 2003 accession to oral design and from then on the use of the name oral design Belgium
  • 1987 starts own lab "Labo Evident"
  • 1985-1987 working in different laboratories
  • 1984 graduate of the Stella Maris Institute in Antwerp, Belgium 
    Diplomas dental technology and business management