Il Ki Ricky Lee  

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  Phone number :  +61-2-9922 3393

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Biography sketch 

Ricky is a registered dental technician who studied in Japan under the mastership of Yasuhiro Odanaka and Shigeo Karaoke. 

From 2006 to 2012 Ricky worked under the mentorship of Brian Walters of Dentogenics. 

He then worked from 2013-2016 within the in-house laboratory of Sydney Dental Specialists before recently opening his laboratory, Ricky Lee Dental Atelier, in North Sydney.

Ricky lectures regularly for the University of Sydney in the highly regarded Extended Fixed Prosthodontics course series and internationally in Europe and Asia. 

 List of publications 

- Overseas Report〖 Oral Design International Symposium in Madrid 〗
 "The international journal of Dental Technology"

  歯科技工 March 2016 vol.44 no.3

- Case Review 〖 Two Centrals 〗
 - Dental 2804 Magazine September 2016 vol.009

- Master Piece 〖 Surface Texture & Lustre 〗
 - QDT Japan, 

-〖 Functional Diagnostic Waxing up 〗 
 - Practical Procedures in AESTHETIC DENTISTRY, Kings College,

    WILEY Blackwell & Sons Ltd 2017

-〖Effective Three Way Communication Between Patient, Dentist and Dental Technician〗
 - Journal of the Korean Academy of

    Aesthetic Dentistry, 2017 FEB Vol.026 no.2

- Participation of Translation 〖50 Essential Techniques for Dentists - Yoshinori Nameta 〗
 - DaehanNarae Publishing Inc. 2018


List of presentations

- Seoul Dental Technologist Association, 11 Feb 2018

- Honesty, Passion and Knowledge for outstanding Restorations
 - Oslo, NORWAY . Norges Tannteknikerforbund. Norway Dental 

  Technician Association, 21-22 SEP 2018

- Fabrication of Natural Looking Restoration by Reproducing the Correct Surface Textures and Lustres
 - Tokyo, JAPAN.

  1st Creation Asian User Symposium. 13-14 APR 2019

- Great Expectation - Achieving Aesthetic
 - Sydney, AUSTRALIA . Australian Prosthodontic Society . 16 OCT 2019

List of hands-on courses 



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