About the Founder of Oral Design

Willi Geller

 One of the most basic factors for success is loving ones work. As the founder and ”conductor” of Oral Design International foundation I have the pleasure of cooperating with a group of skilled and enthusiastic people worldwide who, as well as I, love their work and are truly devoted. When Oral Design was founded, in 1982, we started a journey to keep moving the frontiers of dental aesthetics.To increase the cooperation and communication between technicians and dentists and to improve patients’ oral health and self image. Over the years we have refined our techniques and methods. Together with the dental industry we continuously try to create and evaluate new methods, materials and skills to be able to create most lifelike restorations possible. It´s truly a fantastic experience. Our daily task is our vocation and we share a great fellowship which we hope will last for many years to come.