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Biography sketch


Enthusiastic defender of high quality, Jean Marc Etienne is recognized throughout the world of dental technicians.

Born in France in 1964, he first graduated in mechanical engineering. He orientated himself towards dental technology. Then he was attracted by dental prosthetics and in 1985 he got a master’s degree in Dental Technologies at the National Institute of Metz, one of the best French schools in this speciality. He is a member of the Oral Design International group since 1989 and shares with Willi Geller and his friends an unusual philosophy on customized aesthetics.

He has over 35 years of experience in all phases of dental laboratory technology especially in the area of porcelain aesthetic restorations on both natural teeth and osseointegrated implants.

He has co-authored numerous articles and contributed to several textbooks on various subjects related to laboratory technology, digital photography, long distance communication and esthetic dentistry and, has co-authored a textbook entitled Esthetic Integration of Digital Ceramic Restorations (Montage Media, 2008).

Since now 32 years, Jean-Marc Etienne does not to transmit his ideas and his know-how by giving lectures and courses in Europe, the United States and Australia.

He runs the CERALOR laboratory, the Oral Design Center in Nancy (France), which is specialized in fixed and implanted aesthetic dentistry.

Since the last years, he is intervened in many congres and events like A.D.F (French Dental Association), EAO (European Association for Osseointegration), E.A.E.D (European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry), World Tour and World Conference Las Vegas (Nobel Biocare), K.D.T.A (Korean Dental Technicians Association), Road Tour Australia and New Zealand, meetings Oral Design International (Mineapolis, Melbourne, New York, London, Japan, Italy). Speaker at the Dental Forum 2008 and for the CPES ceramic and occlusion, Speaker Alpha Omega Alsace Faculty of Strasbourg 2011, then at symposium Nobel Biocare 2012 – Ukraine. Speaker at CM events France 2012 – Mulhouse and Strasbourg, at Greated New York Dental Meeting 2012. Speaker at I.A.E.D Marseille 2014, symposium Nobel Biocare in Riccione Italy 2014, Symposium Nobel Biocare France in Monaco June 2015 and symposium Oral Design in Madrid september 2015, Clermont-Ferrand October 2015 (Study Group ACIO) and many other national events in France


It's one man and two words.


It's a passion, a sense of

sharing, values and feelings.


It's a seed that became a tree.


Fruits ripening at the rhythm of

the seasons of the entire planet.


The blazing red hyphen

of a logo proudly

displayed as a human and

professional recognition.


Whoever obtains it feels

gratified in their entire person.


Our humble contribution to the

art of Dentistry exalts itself in

leafing through the pages that

Willi wrote, the paths he paved

and the values he passed on.


Whoever obtains it knows

whom they owe it to; to their

righteousness, to their hard work,


and to the eye of a Master.


This human adventure is

second to none. It is unique

and singular, as is the one who


imagined it and gave it life.


The one who forgets their roots


never goes very far or gets lost.


May this identity logo always

remind us of the kindness

with which Willi Geller, our

Maestro, attributed to each.


and every one of us.  

 Let us be proud of the symbol;

young and less young let's

wear it far and brilliantly.


 Our humble contribution to the

art of Dentistry exalts itself in

leafing through the pages that

Willi wrote, the paths he paved

and the values he passed on. 


Each and every one of us has in

her, in him, a sense of fulfilment

thanks to the special relationship

kept with him. It is the translation

of gratitude. It lives with us

and accompanies us.


May this « who's who »,

this family album make

our union live.


member since 1989

Thank you Willi

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Madrid, Spain

September, 16-19, 2015

September, 19, 2015


Melbourne, Australia

April, 7 - 9, 2006

April, 7, 2006


Minneapolis, USA

September, 17- 19, 2004

September, 17,  2004