JUNE 16th-17th · 2023 · GERMANY · BAVARIA



The role of visual perception in communication between technician, the  patient and the dentist in order to  

harmonize minimal and non invasive indirect restorations  into the patient  face.


- Lecture on 17 June 2023, in the morning



Aesthetics is the harmonious fusion of beauty and art.


Aesthetics, in dentistry, is a game of balance between teeth, soft tissue, lips, face person and personality. In order to produce aesthetic results that are closer to nature and really attractive, not fake and all alike (e.g. Stereotyped Smile), we need to develop artistic capacities, which everyone in the dental team needs to improve through  the comprehension of perception’s psychology.


Many of us, Dentist and Dental Technician, are very good with their biological and aesthetic results when our work is analyzed just in the oral region. Often when we evaluate how it looks into the patient face the result is far away to be natural and attractive


Dr. Dalloca has received his dental degree from Tufts University Boston, and from the university of Pavia (Italy). . He has been trained in advanced education in prosthodontics at U.C.L.A.   He has also a C.D.T. certificate from the dental technology institute in Orange California and from the school of Dental Technology Casati  of  Milan (Italy). He was a Professor at the European Master in Aesthetic and restorative Dentistry at the Manchester University and He is Visiting Professor at the post graduate program in oral rehabilitation at the UNIBE University (Ibero americana) of Santo Domingo. He has been teaching at the Postgraduate Program in Restorative Dentistry at the department of Oral Science of the University of Siena; He also teaches at the Micro-invasive aesthetic dentistry master of the University of Geneva. Authors of several International aesthetics articles. He is an International speaker since 1993. He works in private practice as a prosthodontist in Mendrisio,  Lugano Milan, and Arcore.

Since 1996 he belongs to the Oral Design  group  headed by Willy Geller. He is Fellow, certified member and Past President of the ESCD (European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry, www.escdonline.eu) fellow of the IADFE (International Academy of Dental and Facial aesthetics and member of many prestigious international Associations.



- European Society of  Cosmetic Dentistry

- International Academy of Dental and Facial Aesthetics

- Canadian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry

- Romanian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry  (Honorary)

- International College of Prosthodontist

- American Academy  of Prosthetic Dentistry

- American Academy of Implant Dentistry

- American Dental Society

- American Academy of General Dentistry

- Academy of Osseointegration

- International Society for Dental Research

- New york Academy of Sciences


- Amici di Brugg
 - Oral Design Foundation

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