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Biography sketch

After completing his degree in Dental Technology, Stefano Inglese pursued his strong interest in high-accuracy esthetic and functional of dental restorations, concentrating on dental ceramics.

Stefano inglese has perfected his technique and precision in esthetic, function and biological integration due to this passion for the artistic and scientific aspects of his profession and the participation in numerous courses and work experiences with renowned master technicians and clinicians abroad.

He is the owner of a dental laboratory  in Pescina (Aq), Italy. 

In 2003, he won the second prize in the “Occlusal compass” International competition for dental technicians and the first prize for the best scientific and photographic documentation.

He is a member of Oral Design 

Active member of IAED (Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry).

Stefano Inglese writes for national and international dental journal , such as QDT (Quintessence of Dental Technology) 2012, 2014 and 2018 as well as for Quintessenz Zahntechnik. 

He and Dr. Anthony Sclar contributed to the book “Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning II”, edited by M. Cohen.

He is an international speaker

He Collaborates with internationally renowned clinicians in Italy and abroad.

Stefano Inglese is the author of the book “Aesthetic dental Strategies”, published by Quintessence Publishers in 2013 and currently available in Italian, English, Chinese and Russian version.

 List of publications 

 -Dr N. Otero , Dr J. Scartoon, Dr L. Pizzolante , CDT S. Inglese, Dr A Sclar, Dr W Fong 

 JPRD “The effect of implant abutment design on long-term soft tissue stability “  840-847 vol 38,number 6, 2018

 -QDT 2018  Quintessence of Dental Technology    Emergence Profile: Relation Between

  Morphology, Biology and Esthetics 229, 241

-QDT 2014  Quintessence of Dental Technology Tooth Morphology,Optical Phenomenas

 and Esthetic Perception 158,170 

-QDT 2012  Quintessence of Dental technology Customized Treatment for Esthetic

 Success :  A Case Report 209,222

-Dr Mirela Feraru, Stefano Inglese Dr Galit Talmor, Prof Nitzan Bichacho , 

 REFLECT   Ivoclar     Esthetic Rehabilitation of  Complex Clinical case



-Stefano Inglese

“Aesthetic Dental Strategies “

 Art, Science and Technology BOOK Editor  Quintessence 2018


List of presentations

-Bio-Functional and Esthetic Integration 

-Visual Perception and Light phenomenas in Esthetic Dentistry

-Smile Design and Pre-Visualization in Esthetic Dentistry 

-Soft tissue management and predictability in Implant Esthetics

List of hands-on courses 

-Esthetic concepts and porcelain layering technique  on refractory die

-Esthetic concepts and porcelain layering technique on disilicate  

-Smile Design and pre visualization in esthetic dentistry


-Photo  and Videos  in Preparation       





Clinical case photos