Lecture program

Sunday, April 17

8:00 Opening / Reception starts

9:00 Takashi Takizawa

"Aesthetic Prosthesis from Illegal Dentition" 

 9:20 Willi Geller

Award Ceremony for Thanks to Mr. Willi Geller

Keynote Speech "Oral Design"

10:00 Daiyu Wakita

"Tooth Morphology"

10:20 Break

 10:30 Ken Uebayashi

"Consideration of arch integrity in the aesthetic field"

 10:50 Yuji Tsuzuki

"Management of Subgingival Consider in Consideration of The Pink Esthetics"

11:10 Takeshi Okumori

"Partial & over-denture with implant"

11:30 Tsuchiya Satoshi

"Thinking about today's dental restoration"

 11:50 Toshio Nakagomi

"The creation of your presence! !! "

12:10 Lunch break

 13:10 Chojiro Masuda

"The Solution of Digital Dentistry in CAD / CAM Technology between

chair side and lab. Side ”

13:30 Atsushi Sogo

"Reason to be an aesthetic superstructure" Atsushi Togawa

13:50 Hiroshi Shigemura

"Outline of new occlusion treatment and role of dental technician"

14:10 Break

14:20 Tomoyuki Edagawa

"The Esthetic form by Zirconia Ceramics" Tomoyuki Edagawa

14:45 Ken Takahashi

"Esthetic approach in clinical dentistry-Aesthetic restoration design and communication-"

 15:05 Tatsuya Urisaka

"Various choices"

 15:25 Tetsuro Kubo

"A biological approach to restoration design"

15:45 Break

 16:00 Naoki Hayashi

"A Challenge to Natural Teeth-My Challenges and Background to date-"

 16:20 Naoto Yuasa

"Expression of individuality using internal stain" 

16:40 Closing Ceremony