Makoto Morita

Oral Design Kyoto  

                Email : k.shitateya@gmail.com

 Dental Address : 201 Masuda building 1-21-24 Kaiden Nagaokakyo-city

                            Kyoto-fu 617-0826 Japan

  Phone number : +81 75 955 6778                

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Biography sketch 

 -1972.  Born in Kyoto,Japan

 -1993.  Graduated from Kyoto college of dental technicians

 -1993.  Worked at Okabe dental clinic

 -1998.  Worked at Shigeno dental clinic

 -2003.  Established a Dental labor Kyoto Shitateya

 -2017.  Obtained approval for oral design

 -2017.  Company name changed to oral design KYOTO

 List of publications 

 - Makoto Morita  Master Piece "The Symmetric Central Incisors Vol.2 - The Duplication of the Subgingival

                     Contourof the Provisional Restoration to the Definitive Restoration - "

                         QDT Japan, 

2021. April Vol.46 

 - Makoto Morita  Ishiyaku Publications Shijagikou Separate Volume  The quest for aesthetic dental technicians

                            Multiple layering technique starting with zirconia base treatment, page part3-5

 - Makoto Morita  QDT separate volume Digital Dentistry year book 2016

                            "Final prosthetic device using Ceramill zolid fx & PS"  Pages 83-90

 - Makoto Morita, Hiroyuki Kibayashi  QDT volume 40 2015.12  MASTERPIECE The Symmetic Central Incisors.

                            "The Duplication of the Subgingival Contour of the Provisional Restration to the Definitive Restoration"

List of presentations

 - Left-right symmetry of middle incisors-Clinical consideration for subgingival cantua in aesthetic restoration-

 - Form of "zirconia frame for building porcelain" and precautions

List of hands-on courses 

- Single crown case. Multicolored construction and morphology correction method using Creation Zi-CT

- Monolithic zirconia afterstain Using Creation Make up neo and In Nova neo


- Fishing

- Coffee and Coffee roasting



Clinical case photos