Enrico Rolandone        

Oral Design Fossano

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 Dental Address : Via Matteotti , 68 12045 Fossano Italy

  Phone number : +39 33 8438 2255

        Cell Phone : +39 01 7205 6147

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Biography sketch

In 1990 he graduated as a dental technician.

After working for ten years at the “Ricci” dental laboratory, in 1996 he became owner of the LOR laboratory in Fossano (Italy).

After a few years of training in various areas, professional imprinting takes place when, in the early 2000s, he learned Willi Geller's philosophy by attending various "master" courses in Italy, Europe, USA, Japan with speakers such as Willi Geller, Naoki Aiba, Stefan Picha, Jungo Endo, Sascha Hein.

Since 2015 he has collaborated as a speaker & teacher with Cendres + Métaux Italia.

In 2017 he opens the new atelier in Fossano where he specializes completely in aesthetics by doing courses National.


In 2018 he was invited to join the prestigious Oral Design International team

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