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Willi Geller

Founder of  oral design


Bodel Sjöholm



To the family of Jacques Wagner



It is with great sadness I have to announce that one of our members, who has been a member for a very long time, Mr. Jacques Wagner from Nice, France, has died in a paraglide accident.


We are all taken by this sad news and our warmest thoughts goes to  Jacques Wagner;s family.


Jacques rest in peace, we will never forget you.

All your friends in



 Willi Geller      :Founder

 Bodel Sjöholm: International president





Memories with Jacques

Stockholm Ceramic Day 

Jacques Wagner in OD showed 1 many beautiful pictures of

natural teeth that you can learn a lot from simply examining the details of nature.

In Sweden

0 July 2019 Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 2.

Italian Mr Maurizio met Mr Jacques by chance at Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 2, Paris, and Mr Maurizio filmed this video for Odanaka.

Conversation in the video.

J : "Hello Mr Odanaka . See you next time in Japan."

M: "Maestro! I was waiting for my connection at Charles de

Gaulle airport in Paris and suddenly I met Jacques by chance. Jacques is always so muscular and cool. Let's meet again together next time. Ciao ciao."

J; "Ciao ciao."


Video courtesy of Mr. Maurizio Spina

At Jack's house in April 1994

Jack's hands-on course in Osaka、Japan



Tuesday 1 - Wednesday 2 November 2005 in Naples, Italy

Photo courtesy of Mr. Maurizio Spina



Jack's hands-on course in Nagoya、Japan



24 October 2009, Tokyo.



Jack's hobby



1994 → 2007