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Richard Greenlees PGDipCDTech (University of Otago) is an internationally renowned clinical dental technician. He studied in New Zealand and Japan, before leaving for London in the 1980s, where he ran his own clinic in the prestigious Harley Street, for 15 years. During this time he treated people from all walks of life, from East End barrow boys ‘done good’ to the rich and famous, politicians, actors and musicians.


His techniques are recognized as world-leading and he is regularly asked by his international peers to lecture and run courses worldwide. This includes regular courses in London, where professionals come from all over the world to learn about Richard’s revolutionary approach and techniques that are changing the face of denture aesthetics. Richard’s devotion to his patients and profession is such that he has risen denture prosthetics to an art form. One of his international colleagues said Richard’s work, “creates the perfect illusion, but above all, restores the patient’s dignity by embracing all facets of life and nature and by rejecting the artificial and grotesque commercialism. Acute, experienced observation and deep devotion are key elements in Richard’s work’.


Art in all its forms, is also of keen interest to Richard. He grew up with an artist mother, and carpenter father, and was always encouraged to use his hands. His other passions include painting, design and architecture and film, pursuits that are complementary to the the artwork he creates in his dental studio.

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