JUNE 16th-17th · 2023 · GERMANY · BAVARIA



The symmetric central incisors - clinical consideration of sub-gingival contour of esthetic  restoration.


- Lecture on 17 June 2023, in the afternoon


Although the various concepts of crown counter both on natural tooth and implant have been proposed for optimal restorative treatment in the last decade, these are still controversial and inconclusive. 


However, the morphology of the subgingival contour of the restoration has a significant influence on marginal gingival tissue. To understand and create appropriate subgingival contour of the restoration is exclusively important to achieve esthetic treatment result.


Among of many factors to evaluate dental esthetics, symmetry between maxillary central incisors is absolutely imperative. 


This presentation aims to evaluate how the subgingival contour of the restoration affects marginal gingival tissue and to illustrate how to achieve symmetrical gingival scallop for maxillary central incisors by managing the subgingival contour of provisional restoration and how to duplicate the achieved subgingival contour of provisional restoration to the definitive restoration. 


-1972 Born in Kyoto,Japan

-1993 Graduated from Kyoto college of dental technicians 

-1993 Worked at Okabe dental clinic

-1998 Worked at Shigeno dental clinic

-2003 Established a Dental labor Kyoto Shitateya

-2017 Willi Geller is allowed to become a oral design member 2017 Company name changed to

          oral design KYOTO 

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