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Charity Lecture 

Episode9Charity Auction / Social Gathering 

Venue: Ark Hotel / 2nd Floor Grand Court

Auction listing

No.1 / Willi Geller "Maxillary anterior tooth metal ceramics 3 target model total 6 set"

No.2 / Naoki Aiba "Naoki Aiba Photography Digital Print 3-piece set"

No.3 / Hitoshi Aoshima "One sample with roots (with two additional gifts for the winning bidder)" "CERAMICS HPLC]"

No.4 / Hitoshi Aoshima "Upper and lower full mouse carving plaster model"

No.5 / Kenji Iwaki "Upper and Lower Full Denture Sample"

No.6 / Jungo Endo "Implant superstructure with 7 teeth gum on the upper right"

No.7 / Takeshi Okumori "Upper and lower metal floor samples with illuminated exhibition stands"

No.8 / Yasuhiro Odanaka "Metal Ceramic Bridge with 6 Mandibular Anterior Teeth"

No.9 / Shigeo Kataoka "Kataoka Model Instrument Sendai Tournament Limited Set" "Nature's Morphology"

No.10 / Shigeo Kataoka / Kiyoto Shiratori "6 teeth of mandible with porcelain sample mandible"

No.11 / Tetsuro Kubo "Maxillary Central Incisors / Lateral Incisors Metal Ceramics Sample"

No.12 / Masahiro Kuwata "2 upper right first molar sketches" NISSIN INVICTUS autographed paulownia box special packaging 1

            "NISSIN INVICTUS paulownia box special packaging 9"

No.13 / Koji Sato "Upper and lower full denture occlusion model with autographed pot"

No.14 / Naoki Hayashi "4 Digital Photography", Book "A Diary"

No.15 / Kiyoko Ban "The Masters Tournament Hats Only for sale at the venue 2 items"

No.16 / "The Metal Ceramics" by Makoto Yamamoto

No.17 / Naoto Yuasa "Original Porcelain Brush Washer Metal Ceramics Sample"

No.18 / Akihiko Yoshida "Boston Gnathos Dental Studio Tour / Up to 2 People"

No.19 / Task Co., Ltd., Ishizuka Co., Ltd., YDM Co., Ltd., Evans x 30 as a sponsor, Gypsum spatula x 10 with Masahiro Kuwata,                 Willi Geller, Hitoshi Aoshima, Shigeo Kataoka, Makoto Yamamoto 5 people engraved the signature and exhibited

No.20 / "Dental technician magazine ZERO first issue "120 volumes [Sale of goods ]