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Biography sketch

1983 Head of Laboratory in a multidisciplinary dental surgery in Stuttgart

1988 Master dental technician

Since 1989 (Highly requested and Profiled) lecturer and course Instructor


Inspiration and support by Willy Geller and his oral design colleages and friends gave me a massive boost in philosophy, knowledge and orientation In the developing high-end dental world.


Appointed Member of oral design in 1992 I tried to pass my skills and convictions on to dental technicians and dentists.


Founded the laboratory and course center „0ral design - ästhetisch-funktionelle Zahntechnik“ in Stuttgart in 1994.


Founding member of the dental excellence international laboratory group

Founding member of ÄfZ Arbeitskreis für ästhetisch-funktionelle Zahnheilkunde

Member of DGÄZ

Member of ADT

Founding member of European Academy of Dental Technology (EADT)

Certified Specialist of European Dental Association (EDA)

 List of publications 

Hotetu Rinnsyo (Prosthodontic Clinic )/ September 2015 Issue



(Abutment tooth formation and restoration treatment for all-ceramic treatment)

Dr. Cyrus Rafiy・Ztm. Thilo Vock

List of presentations

-Advanced Pfm techniques in frontal and lateral Crowns/bridgework, full ceramic restoration , veneers, zirconia, 

 List of hands-on courses

-Focus on communication in the restorative triangle: patient/dentist/ technician

-Material science and optical understanding of dental ceramics 







Clinical case photos

Symposium Lecture, Hands-on Courses  History


New York, USA

October 20-22, 2000

October 20, 2000