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                             Joinville - SC Brazil 

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Biography sketch

 -  Dental Technicianal

 - Dental Hygienist

 - Juvenal Souza Neto Institute´s CEO- School Improvement Ceramics (Joinville - SC - Brazil)

 - Technical Consultant Pottery Creation

 - Lecturer courses in the prosthesis area (more than 200 lectures around the world)

 - DSD Master • Author of the book "Esthetic Dentistry and Fixed Prosthodontics dentogingival"

 - Co-author of "Update on Prosthodontics" the 9th Congress Paulista technicians in Prosthodontics

 - Co-author of the book Publisher Napoleon "Reconstructing Smile: Science, Art and Technology" of the 14th 

   International Technical Congress in Prosthodontics

 - Co-author of the Book Publisher Quintessence "Rehabilitation Aesthetic and Functional Ceramics Restorations

    with" Cap. 7-Search Morphogenetic and smiling Architecture - Fundamental Tools in Complex Case Resolution.

 - Participation in the book of Article Labline

 - Participation in the books of Ateliê Oral “Smile Architecture” and “Smile Arquiteture and a Brand Constrution”

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Hollywood, USA

September, 13-16, 2017

September, 16, 2017


Juvenal Souza Neto