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 Oral Design Down Under 

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 Dental Address : Suite 5 / 701 Military Road Mosman - NSW- 2088 Australia

  Phone number : +61 2 8084 7525

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Biography sketch 

Since the 80’s he has been working with his father, Maestro Giuseppe Zuppardi, the first Oral Design Member, being his partner and Mentor.

In 1993, Massimiliano established his own laboratory in Naples.

Massimiliano specialises in complex implant cases and full mouth restorations, with a core focus on precision, bite, morphology and aesthetics.

He has studied the most innovative materials and technology for dental restorations aiming to achieve the most lasting and natural looking prosthesis.

Having experience, working in many countries , he has now established his business in Sydney, Australia, where he opened the, Zuppardi Dental Studio ” Oral Design Down Under”

Mentored from master technicians such as Willi Geller, M.H.Poltz, P.Adar,  D.Shultz M Magne, and many more.

Massimiliano has lectured internationally, he is also an author of several publications on some of the most important Dental Journals.

 List of publications 

- Valerio Di Mauro, Giuseppe Zuppardi, Massimiliano Zuppardi "Riabilitazione protesica su impianti con la sistematica

  CAD/CAM" Quintessenza  Edizioni, APRIL-JUNE, 2011, P5 - P161

- Stephen Travis, BDS(HONS), MDSC Massimiliano Zuppardi, MDT , "From Dentures to an Esthetic Implant Restoration

   Fixed Implant-Supported Bridge for the Maxilla and Mandible ",American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Journal , Fall 2013

  • Volume 29 • Number 3 , P116 - P126

- Dr Prashant Patel and Massimiliano Zuppardi, "Case report: Single tooth implant restoration" Australasian Dental Practice, 

    July/August 2014  P150 - P152

- Massimiliano Zuppardi, MDT,"Easy steps for single central restoration" eLABORATE January/February 2016 , P48 - P51

- Massimiliano Zuppardi, MDT, "Wax ups and the new generation of materials" eLABORATE May/June 2016 ,P34 - P44 

- Dr Anders Blomberg,Massimiliano Zuppardi MDT, "Case presentation: Restoring the maxillary smile line" eLABORATE

  March/April 2017 , P38-P44  

- Dr Peter Dayman and Massimiliano Zuppardi, "Minimally invasive restoration: LiSi - Lithium disilicate veneers"eLABORATE 

  March/April 2018 , P50-P56

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Massimiliano Zuppardi