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- Adar, Pinhas (2021) Optimizing Communication: Using Digital and Analog Technology Oral Health, April 2021 pg 10-19

- Authors: Marta Revilla-León,  Jose Luis Sánchez-Rubio , Javier Pérez-López

  Jeffrey Rubenstein , Mutlu Özcan JPD

  Journal of Prosthodontics"Discrepancy at the implant abutment-prosthesis

  interface of complete-arch cobalt-chromium implant frameworks fabricated by

  additive and subtractive technologies before and after ceramic veneering "

  VOLUME 125, ISSUE 5, P795-803, MAY 01, 2021 

 -Makoto Morita

   Master Piece

   "The Symmetric Central Incisors Vol.2

   - The Duplication of the Subgingival Contourof the Provisional

   Restoration to the Definitive Restoration - "

   QDT Japan, 

2021. April Vol.46 

 -Douglas A. Terry

  - Restoring the Intraradicular Space: 2021 Esthetic Post Systems

Too often patients with fractured teeth are referred for extraction and implant placement with little consideration given to the conservative option of post and core treatment. But it has been demonstrated that endodontic and implant therapies have equivalent results when the treatments are appropriately chosen and performed at a high level of expertise. After all, advancements in endodontic technology and instrumentation have allowed the clinician to visualize, identify, and treat complexities they could not have fathomed a decade ago, and advancements in restorative material formulations have expanded the treatment possibilities for the patient, clinician, and technician. This changing technology has allowed the clinician to treat many clinical challenges through simpler, more conservative, and more economical methods. As such, this text provides a detailed and scientific description of the evolution of the post and core system and the significance of the adhesive design concept when restoring the intraradicular post space. The author presents the various applications and restorative techniques that he uses on a daily basis for restoring the post space, and the esthetics speak for themselves. Every aspect is covered, from general design criteria and the components of the post and core systems to post materials, adhesive bonding and luting agents, material selection, core buildup, and finally, the extracoronal restoration. The clinical protocols are illustrated meticulously and with stunning quality, and additional scientific content can be accessed via QR code. If you want minimally invasive treatment with maximal esthetics, this

-Gustavo Cabello-Domínguez , Javier Pérez-López ,

Beatriz Veiga-López, David González, Marta Revilla-León 

 "Maxillary zirconia and mandibular composite resin-lithium disilicate–modified PEEK fixed implant-supported restorations for a completely edentulous patient with an atrophic maxilla and mandible"

 A clinical report –JPD Journal of Prosthodontics 

VOLUME 124, ISSUE 4, P403-410, OCTOBER 01, 2020 

 - Il Ki Ricky Lee

   Master Piece

   "Surface Texture & Lustre "

   QDT Japan, 

2020. May Vol.45 

 - Tetsuro Kubo

(2020). All-ceramic multicolor building-up applying the color expression of metal ceramics. QDT(No.4)

 - Tetsuro Kubo

(2020). MASTERPIECE. QDT(No.4)

- Uwe Gehringer / Prof. Dr. Jürgen Manhart

“Improving the anterior tooth aesthetics with ceramic veneers” NZB 2020. 3. Pages 20-29

- Uwe Gehringer 

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