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Biography sketch

- Daejeon Health Sciences College

- Bachelor of Science in Dental Technology

- U1 University

- Bachelor of Science in Engineering


CEO, Dental Laboratory  1994

Professor, Daejeon Health Sciences College  1996

Instructor, “The 3rd Oral Design Technique Symposium” 2002

Instructor, “The 4th Oral Design Technique Symposium”     

Instructor, The Korean Academy of Dental Technology

Keynote Speaker, Triceram Seminar

Keynote Speaker, Creation Power Seminar

Professor, Daejeon Health Sciences College                                                              


 List of publications 



List of presentations

- Introduction of “Creation Powder” and Dr.Willw Geller’s autobiography.

- Introduction of Complete Denture Technology.

- Introduction of Ceramic Powder Creation Powder Build-up.

- Introduction of perception of light and mechanism of light on tooth.

- Introduction of reaction of light on teeth and process of tooth enamel tissue formation. 

- Introduction of the process of natural tooth reproduction through understanding characteristics of feldspar material.

- Tooth anatomy and power buildup process.

- Introduction of tooth fluorescence through understanding pump pulse and kinetic energy of atoms.

- Introduction of shading process through surface texture and understanding LR symmetry with luster.

- Introduction of Zirconia material (characteristics, structure, etc.)

- Shade Matching and Metamerism.

- Introduction of characteristics and production process of metal and ceramic materials.

- Lab: Understanding characteristics of powder through Creation Powder Build-up. 

 List of hands-on courses




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