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Biography sketch 

  Over 40 years ago Pinhas was offered a job paying $10,000 a month to stay and manage the laboratory that he worked at. He

  turned it down to follow his dreams. It wasn’t easy to ignore the ones who told him he would not make it, sleeping on park

  benches and paying . 25 to take a shower. But all of this played a role in shaping him on the way to his goals.

  Since then he has become a person who is considered a world renowned dental ceramist who creates exceptional dental

  prosthesis and smile designs. He has presented on the stage of every major meeting in the USA and abroad. He has published    articles for every major dental journal both in the US as well as abroad, and also has contributed chapters in many published

  books.. He is on the editorial board of 7 different dental journals. Holds a Mas- termind meeting every month and is owner of his    own Success Academy, teaching skillset, mindset and toolset. With a voice that is dynamic, energetic and inspiring, he has won    awards both inside and outside of dentistry for his speaking and communication skills.

  From the beginning his passion has been to get rid of mediocrity in dentistry. He moves people emotionally as well as mentally.      Bridging the gap between being stuck and where they want to be by using his natural ability to engage and empower others. He    is inspired to come up with new processes and protocols and to set a new precedence in esthetics and avoid all of the dated    methodologies that others may cling to.

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London, United Kingdom 

May, 6-8, 2011

May , 7, 2011


Minneapolis, USA

September, 17- 19, 2004

September, 17,  2004


New York, USA

October 20-22, 2000

October 20, 2000