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Biography sketch

My dental interest was aroused when I was a patient and there have been many trips back and forth to the dentist since I was a child. 


And it was when I got to meet a dental technician that I understood that this was the right profession for me, so in 2000 I completely switched careers and started on the dental technician program at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. 


During my studies I was also did practical training at a dental laboratory in North Carolina, USA.  


 After graduating in 2003, I started working at a big laboratory  in the porcelain department. During my time there, I was responsible for the department and later Head of Department, however I have always worked in production. 


 Early in i my career I got allergic to metal so I have most of my career worked with full Ceramic and cad/cam. 

In 2011 I started my own laboratory Oral Estetik  together with Pernilla Raanaes a botuiqe lab where we do everything inhouse.  



I really love my profession and like the craftwork and the creativity required considering the fact that no two teeth are the same and to make the life of the patient easier.. 


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I have a special intrest in health, homeopatic medecine and functional medicine . 

How everything is aligened mind, body and soul. 


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