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Biography sketch

I live in Trento, a small town in the north of Italy surrounded by beautiful nature near the Garda lake, the biggest lake in the 

country, and near the most beautiful mountains in the world, the Dolomites, a UNESCO Heritage. I love hiking in the mountains to regenerate body and mind, slowing down the rhythm imposed by work, and find myself again. People say that those who live in the mountains have an introverted character but, perhaps, we are simply more reserved.

I like staying with people, speaking face to face, listen actively and creatively, looking for comparison.

It is important for me to connect with the person with whom I am interacting.

I love my job because it allows me to express my creativity and especially makes me feel useful for people. It is a job that

requires a lot of technical and scientific knowledge. We work with different materials and technologies and every day we

challenge nature by creating something artificial trying to emulate it. 

I started working in 1986 after having received the diploma of dental technician. For several years I worked in a dental laboratory in Rovereto where I was born. There I dealt with fixed and in particular metal-ceramic prothesis.

In 2000 I moved to Trento to the “Nonsolodenti” laboratory. Meeting Stefano, the owner, changed the way I was interpreting and experiencing my job. Stefano was the first person who believed in me and encouraged me to start a long path of growth in the world of aesthetics and ceramics. I started travelling in Europe, in the USA and in Japan attending courses with the most famous ceramists in the world: Willi Geller, Ulrich Werder, Bertrand Thievent, John Won, Giuseppe Zuppardi, Shigeo Kataoka, Marco Di Pietro, Naoki Aiba, Gérald Ubassy, Claude Sieber, Joachim Maier, Sascha Hein, Jungo Endo, Michel Magne, Yuas Naoto.  Master Geller transmitted me his knowledge and especially his passion in the tireless quest for perfection as well as his love for beauty. This enabled me to develop a hitherto dormant sense of aesthetics and achieve a personal style. It was the Master who selected me to be a member of Oral Design in 2016 and so I joined this prestigious and cosmopolitan family.

The work continues because there is more than just aesthetics: teeth must be not only nice but also well-functioning. In 2017 I

decided to attend the masters in Gnathology according to Prof. R. Slavicek’s methodology at the University of Vienna and today I am still continuing along this path.

Meanwhile I have started to hold one-to-one ceramic courses and to collaborate as a consultant and a speaker with some

prestigious companies in this field.

Since 2018 I am scientific director of the Italian magazine “Quintessenza Odontotecnica” (quintessence of dental technology) by Quintessence Publishing.

My life too has changed over the years. Stefano and I are now together not only in work but also in private life where we share a  common passion for travel and long walks in the mountains.

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