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Biography sketch

-1994-1997 Education as a Dental Technician

-1997-2005 Working in some well known Labs in Europe.

-Numerous participations in advanced training and internships with outstanding teachers in dental 1

 among others

 Willi Geller, Shigeo Kataoka, Shoshi Sassaki, Thilo Vock, Christian Berg, Panos Bazos, Prof. Dr. Wa

 Prof. Dr. Stefan Kopp and many more.

-2003 Master Education in Düsseldorf and Cologne

-2005 Foundation of his own laboratory in Bochum with a special focus on anterior aesthetics, funct

 implant prosthetics

-2009 Appointed Oral Design Member by Willi Geller

-2015 Appointed a member of the Dental Technicians Guild

-2010 Co-author of the book Implant Prosthetics published by DZW Publishing

-2010 Development of own, optimized platinum foil for use with veneers with Creation CC in coopera

 the company Ador Edelmetalle

-2010- 2014 Studied industrial engineering at Ruhr University Bochum

-2019 -2022 Studies Master of Science in Dental Technology, Johan Wolfgang von Goethe University

 am Main

-2022 Master thesis on the topic of artificial intelligence in connection with orofascial aesthetics in co

 with PD Dr. Paul Weigl

-2023 Doctorate at the Johan Wolfgang Goethe University on the topic of artificial intelligence

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