Lecture program

Saturday, April 16

8:00 Opening / Reception starts

9:00 "Opening Ceremony"

Greetings from Executive Committee Chairman : Makoto Yamamoto

Greetings from President : Kazuhiro Shida

Introduction of each branch chief



Flute performance / Nanae Yamazaki (dental technician) 



About "Manaberu Fund"

Mr. Katsuyoshi Tateishi: Representative Director of the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Foundation

Miss. Miki Terui: Secretariat of the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Foundation

Mr. Riku Takahashi: Manaberu Fund Scholarship Student

 9:40 Masahiro Kuwata

Keynote Speech "Trends in Dentistry in the World "


10:00 Hitoshi Aoshima

Keynote speech "Fusion with nature" 


10:20 Akihiko Yoshida

"Reproduction of color tone of front teeth based on brightness" 


10:40 Break

10:50 Koji Sato

"Occlusal plane and occlusal guidelines useful for toothless jaw restoration" 



11:10 Tetsuya Sudo

"Complete denture technique performed by cross-mounting therapeutic dentures" 


 1:30 Kenji Iwaki

Witnessing Techniques for Patient Satisfaction ”

 11:50 Toshimasa Aso

"Dental laboratory management that seriously enjoys work and play" 

12:10 Lunch break

13:10 Naoki Aiba

"Shade Communication through Photography" 


13:30 Shoji Sasaki

"Life Philosophy of making teeth" Shoji Sasaki


13:50 Kazunobu Yamada

"This is why ..... reason " 


14:10 Yoshimi Nishimura

"The ideal form of prosthesis in restoration treatment" 


14:30 Yasuhiro Odanaka

"What happens to my gums when I overcanture ?!" 

14:50 Break

15:00 Katsuhiro Hatate

"BALANCE -Light and Shadow-" 


 15:20 Kinjiro Seki

"Gingival Characterize ~ Anatomical Gingival Shading Technique ~" 


 15:40 Jungo Endo

 "Important things I got through dental technicians" 

16:00 Break

Young selection session  

16:10 Kenichiro Hikawa

"Gingival-friendly anterior tooth restoration"

16:30 Kenji Aoki

"Premolar occlusal surface morphology considering stable intercuspal position and avoidance of occlusal interference"  

 16:50 Shinichi Kawamura

"Simple & complex" 

 17:10 Yusuke Nakamura

"A case of total jaw prosthetic treatment that reaffirmed the importance of being involved from the examination"

17:30 Masato Kanno

"Labside approach in multiple dental caries" 

 17:50 Kiyoko Ban

"Message to the youth who will lead the times" 

 ◆ Young selection session Excellence Award Award Ceremony ◆

Excellence Award / Masato Kanno


19:30 Social gathering / charity auction