East Japan earthquake reconstruction assistance

Charity Lecture 

Episode 10. LECTURES (Day-2) 

On the second day of the charity lecture, 17 speakers gave lectures.

In the past, including this charity lecture, Mr. Willi Geller's contribution has been very large.

Therefore, apart from the charity's profit frame, we staff collected money only from the staff and presented "Nanbu Tekki" to Mr. Willi Geller who contributed greatly to this charity with our gratitude.


Lecture revenue

Willi Geller Hands-on Course Revenue

Total revenue

Total revenue of past 4 charity lectures + Sendai lectures

: ¥ 18,028,651

: ¥   4,418.612

: ¥ 22,447,263

: ¥ 50,638,837

This total profit was allocated to the all-benefit scholarship "Tuition fees for high school students affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake" without deducting fees from the Foundation.