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Biography sketch

After then I met Willi Gellar when he visited Korea on 2014 my whole life has changed.

My work was just part of my job before I met him.

2014 Christmas, a call made me fly straight to Swiss, and I learned how my work can make a beautiful change in life for me and others.

On 2018, I opened Gamins' Dental lab at Seoul, Korea, working hard to help ones who want new energy in their life.

Of course, also for my own happiness.

 List of publications 

List of presentations

-Fabrication process of veneer on platinum foil

List of hands-on courses

-Fabrication process of  veneer (compare of platinum foil tech.and pressable tech.)


I felt golf was boring when I first started, but now I'm having so much fun with it.

The pleausre when I get a nice hit makes me excited.

I love this sports which keeps me calm.

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