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  Oral Design Bogenhausen  

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  Phone number : + 49 1515 6138336

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Biography sketch

- 2000-2008: Dental Technology training, incl. Masters Degree of Dental Technology graduated from the Masterschool for

  Dental Technology Munich, Germany

- 2000-2007:  Certified Dental Technician at Dentallabor Langerspacher & Christ, Bad Wörishofen, Germany

- 2007-2008:  Certified Dental Technician at Oral Design Bodensee, Bodenseezahnklinik, Meersburg, Germany

- 2009:  Certified Master Dental Technician at The Munich Dental Clinic, Munich, Germany

- 2009-2012: Master Dental Technician at Boston Prosthodontics Dental Group, Boston, USA

- 2012-2018: Tufts Universtiy School for Dental Medicine, Boston, USA - Visiting Lecturer for the postdoctoral program for 


- 2012-2019: CEO of Oral Design New England and Oral Design Thomas Stefan Sing Inc., Boston, USA

- 2013-today: Harvard University for Dental Medicine, Boston, USA - Visiting Lecturer for the postdoctoral program for 


- 2019-today: CEO of Oral Design Bogenhausen, also Master Dental Technician at Zahngesundheit Bogenhausen, Munich, 



Enjoyed privat courses from

       - Willi Geller, Zurich, CH

- Thilo Vock, Stuttgart, DE

- Walter Gebhard, Zurich, CH

- Michele Magne, Los Angeles, USA

- Joachim Maier, Überlingen, DE

- Stefan Schunke, Nuremberg, DE

- Bertrand Thievant, Zurich, CH

- Jungo Endo, Los Angeles, USA



- “Best dental technician in USA under 40” - LMT communication magazine special issue 12/2012 

- Golden Parallelometer

- Occlusal Kompass



- The American College of Prosthodontics - Dental Technician Alliance 

- The Oral Design International Foundation

- The Bio_Emulation Group 

 List of publications 

- Dental Dialoge 2015/8  - “Das Schwierige ist schön”

- Quintessence Japan 2014 fall - “Difficilia quae pulchra”

- Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry Vol.30 issue 4 - “All in your hands”

- Quintessenz Zahntechnik 2013; 39(9) “Eine Studie in Weiß”

- Labline Dentavantgart 2013 Issue 03 Volume III  - “Disconnect - the crazy ones” 

- Alta Tecnica Dental 2011 N68 - “Los pinceles”

- Quintessenz Zahntechnik 2011; 37(10) - “Exzellente Dental Ästhetik”

List of presentations

 List of hands-on courses

- Two day live patient hands on anterior (units depending on patient case) using Creation CC or Creation ZiCT

- Two day show case anterior with gingiva ceramics on zirconia frame using Creation ZiCT

- Two day show case anterior four units “Four different layering techniques” using Creation LS or Creation ZiCT (other litium

   disilicate ceramics possible)

- Almost every sitution is bookable for two days hands-on course. 

  *Please contact: for booking and more information regarding dates


- Exploring culinary arts

- Photography

- Street art

- Interior/exterior design

- Taekwondo

- Cars and watches :-)

Clinical case photos

Symposium Lecture, Hands-on Courses  History


Rimini, Itaria

September, 19-21, 2013

September, 21, 2013

Hands-on  Courses

Rimini, Itaria

September, 19-21, 2013

September, 19-20, 2013