Ante ( Toni ) Loper

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Biography sketch

1983:    Completed training as a dental technician in Osijek, Croatia.

1986:    Moved to Germany.

1986-1990: Worked as a dental technician at Dentallabor Marr in Flensburg. Main areas of work: model casting and gold

    work. Gained initial experience in ceramics.

1990:    Moved to Hamburg. Employed at Labor Kruse and Ruge. Areas of activity: gold and ceramics, first experience

with combination techniques (e.g., precision attachments).

1991-1992: Employed at Labor Teubert as an all-round technician. Gained initial experience in personnel management.

1992-1996: Worked as an esthetician and lab manager at Dentallabor Wormuth. Numerous training courses (e.g., with Vita,

Master Dental Technician Jochen Peters). First direct work with patients and transition from Vita Omega ceramics to Creation by Willi Geller.

1996-2001: Lab manager and technician at Dentallabor Ose, focusing on esthetics and combination techniques (precision

attachments). Numerous training courses on galvanic technology by Prof. Dr. Weigel.

2001-2002: Worked as an esthetician at the practice laboratory of Prof. Dr. Gütschow at Neuer Wall, Hamburg. Numerous

further training courses (e.g., Dr. Hajto, Mr. Maniere, Siriusdental). Specialization in working with patients.

2002-2007: Lab manager at the dental practice of Dr. Thomsen. Further specialization inanterior and single-tooth esthetics.

Numerous training courses (e.g., Dr. Asami Tanaka, Prof. Dr. Barghi, Dr. Reisch (occlusion), Master Dental Technician Jan Langner, Master Dental Technician Uli Werder).

2007:           Graduated from the esthetics school of Volker Brosch in Essen.

2007-2009: Lab manager at Dentallabor Ose.

2009-2013: Lab manager and esthetician at Dentallabor Moss. Numerous patient courses and series in the field of esthetics

 (e.g., with Master Dental Technician Massimo Trombin and Achim Ludwig, Sasaki Shoji). Publications in dental


Since 2013: Dental Esthetics, Hamburg. Course instructor for Creation Willi Geller Germany, specializing in anterior tooth

 esthetics and working with patients.

 List of publications 

- Lopar, A. (2012). Frontzahnversorgung im Oberkiefer. Dental Dialogue, 13(5), 51-54.

- Lopar, A. (2010). Non-Prep Veneers. Das Internationale Zahntechniker Magazin, 606-611.



List of presentations


 List of hands-on courses

- "Uncompromising Aesthetics with Creation ZI-CT"

- "Creation Beginner's Course"

- "Aesthetic Anterior Tooth Treatment Directly on the Patient (11,21)"



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