Masato Yamada, RDT

  Oral Design Asakusa         

                Email : oraldesign@masacreation.com

 Dental Address : 1-19-16 Azumabashi Sumida-ku Tokyo 130-0001 Japan 

  Phone number :  +81 3 6658 8023    

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                    Fax : +81 3 6379 6977

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Biography sketch

1981. Born in Toyama, Japan

2002. Graduated Toyama Dental Academy Technicians School

2004. Graduated the post-graduate program at the Tokyo Dental and Medical University

2004.Worked at dental labor in USA

2010. Studied under Mr. Willi Geller in Oral design center Zurich

2014. Certified as an oral design menber

2014. Oral design Asakusa opend

 List of publications 

-Masato Yamada: The International Journal of Dental technology 2017, EXTRA ISSUE Clinical Methods and Recognition of

                             Porcelain Systems for Multiple Layering Technique. Layering for Creation ZI-CT Part2-3

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