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Biography sketch

He graduated in Rome from the "Edmondo De Amicis" school in 1980. In 1993, he opened hislaboratory in Rome, where he was committed in the search for precision, function and aesthetics.Since 1996 he has been involved in the diffusion of Master Willy Geller's "Creation" philosophywith courses and conferences. Since 2014 he collaborates with Cendres + Metaux Italia.He mainly deals with aesthetics, perioprosthesis and prosthesis on implants.National ANTLO speaker and ANTLO LAZIO presidentHe lectured at the Master in prosthesis at "La Sapienza" University in RomeHe has published articles on prostheses in national and international journals.He has held courses and conferences in Italy -Brazil -CanadaHe is committed and focused on the protocol both in perioprosthesis and on the verticalpreparations of the Bologna school with courses and conferences throughout Italy.From 2019 he opened Oral Design Center in Rome.[19:16, 7/5/2020] Fabio:With the development of new dental technologies, nowadays we canutilize and process new generation materials such as Zirconiq, Lithium Disilicate and dentalPolymers.As far as Composite materials concern, there is a new generation material which has uniquecharacteristics and became very popular in our daily laboratory use.In the course "Aesthetics and Composite Creation VC" a 6 element stratification will be performedutilizing this specific material. Moreover Pink Aesthetics aesthetics will be assessed and thestrategies to obtain a natural aesthetic result will be analyzed step-by-step....


I look forward to seeing you all.

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