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Biography sketch

Mr. Takashi Takizawa is a graduated the Dental Technician School at Kanagawa Dental University in Yokosuka, Japan, and completed the post graduate program, Lab Tech School, at the International Dental Academy in Tokyo, Japan in 1995.


During he was a student of the International Dental Academy, he studied under Mr. Yasuhiro Odanaka and Mr. Kenji Uchiumi, who made him decide to be a ceramist.

 List of publications 

-Takashi Takizawa: Technical requirements to achieve aesthetic restoration of dentition-Points to consider under limited   

                                clearance and soft tissue conditions   Dental Technician 46 (1): 16-33, 2018.

-Takashi Takizawa: Clinical of metal ceramics Dental Technician 46 (1): 1-8, 2018.

-Takashi Takizawa:  zero Vol.11 No.2 2012 spring S shape profile from the viewpoint of technical operation

                                  - Aiming for harmony with periodontal tissue through a working model -

-Takashi Takizawa, Yoshinori Nameta: Indirect method inlay restoration using gradia, metal-free free dental diamond separate

                                volume, 146-153, 2002.

-Takashi Takizawa, Yoshinori Nameta: Multicolored construction of MFR hybrid ultra-hard resin "Gradia",

                                GC Circle, 96, 21-23, 2001.

-Takashi Takizawa, Yashinori Nameta: Features and aesthetics of the new hard resin for crown restoration,

                                QDT, 26, 1555-1564, 2001.

List of presentations

-Emergency profile and gingival morphology

 -Brightness and color of dentin

 -Frame form and color of occlusal porcelain

 -Composite resin prosthesis

List of hands-on courses

-Basic porcelain build-up

-Premolar porcelain build-up

-Composite resin prosthesis




Clinical case photos

Symposium Lecture, Hands-on Courses  History


Hollywood, USA

September, 13-16, 2017

September, 15, 2017