JUNE 16th-17th · 2023 · GERMANY · BAVARIA


June 16 (Friday)

Surface (Texture and Lusters)-Final steps of the restorations

Analog and digital, a full synergy for complex oral rehabilitations on implants.




The denture code.


Protocols for natural coexistence between white and pink ceramic restoration. Focus on details for success.

June 17 (Saturday)

 Veneer, just a little piece of glass.

1) How to get from a digital smile design

    to a strong and esthetic restoratin. 

2) When can we use half monolithic


3) How to avoid chipping.

The role of visual perception in communication between technician, the  patient and the dentist in order to  

harmonize minimal and non invasive indirect restorations  into the patient  face.


The symmetric central incisors - clinical consideration of sub-gingival contour of esthetic  restoration.

Emergence profile- The key to the successful  manufacturing of an anterior implant  restoration in terms of function and aesthetics.