Bassam Haddad          

Vivaclair Canada 

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 Dental Address : 415-1 Place du Commece Ile-Des-Soeurs, MONTREAL,

                             QC, H3E 1A2 Canada 

  Phone number : +1 514 766 3777

          Cell phone : +1 514 582 7178

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Biography sketch

Haddad has graduated in 1990.

He earned many professional international certifications and masteries various systems of dental technology.

He is serving as a leader opinion consultant for different new materials for many international manufacturers. 

He is known to give passionate lectures and hands on courses where he shares his knowledge, own techniques and discoveries  for a natural and aesthetic result.

He is the author of several international articles.

He is proudly a member of Oral Design international group.

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 List of presentations

- The revolutionary new Moon concept of shadows and light.

   {Porcelain layering on 4 anterior zirconia crowns. ZI-F }

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Hollywood, USA

September, 13-16, 2017

September, 13-14, 2017