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Biography sketch

Ovidiu graduated Dental School in Oradea, Romania in 1992 and after working in two private dental laboratories for several years , he started his own private journey in 2003 in Cluj Napoca.


In 2005, in Zurich, he first encountered Mr Willi Geller and his unique level of esthetics, work ethics and generosity. This made an unforgettable memory and later on, in 2013 and 2014, Ovidiu had the privilege again to study with Mr Willi Geller layering techniques and esthetic concepts.


He also studied in Italy with MDT Jungo Endo, MDT Uwe Gehringer, MDT Aldo Grammatica, MDT Stefano Esposito, MDT Leonardo Cavallo, MDT Mike Prosperino, MDT Alessandro Arnone, in France with MDT Richard Abulius, in Austria with MDT Peter Biekert and in Romania with MTD Lamberto Villani.


In 2016 and 2017 Ovidiu took part at the Creation Willi Geller- Expert Days Program and from 2019 is a member of the Oral Design International Foundation.

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List of hands-on courses

We have an exciting 3 Module course : Discover , Enjoy and Love your Creation,  a course with and about Creation Willi Geller ceramics, esthetics and layering


Module 1 :Discover your Creation 

Control the Powders

Mix next Effects


Module 2 :Enjoy your Creation

Play with the Powders

Think next Effects


Module 3 :Love your Creation 

Master the Powders

Go beyond Effects



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Ovidiu Cioban