Willi Geller

 Master Oral Design 

                Email : willi.geller@bluewin.ch

 Dental Address : Weinbergstrasse 115 CH-8006 Zurich Switzerland

  Phone number : +41 44 363 6213

             Website : www.creation-willigeller.com

Biography sketch

- 1940   Born in Germany 

- 1973   Opened a dental laboratory. At that time, it was a leader in ceramic materials in the world.

Serves as an advisor to VITA. He actively gives lectures and training activities all over the world .

Lecturer at the Karlsruhe Dentist Academy in Germany

- 1982  He started oral design 

- 1984  He was invited to give a lecture at "2nd International Symposium on Ceramic" in London, England.

- 1985  Development of "Willi's Grass".

- 1988  Developed original iris effect porcelain, Creation selenium.


 List of publications 

 - Willi Geller :"Think about dental esthetics” Separate volume The Quintessence /

                        1989  page-77 ~ 78








Interview Willi Geller

listener:Marion Gredig Zihler

Herzlichen Glückwunsch

- 80 Jahre Willi Geller

ZERO Vol.12, No.2 Spring 2013

page 6 ~ 13

Special Interview Mr. Willi Geller


ー 語られなかった過去が明らかに ー

labline AUTUMN  2013

page 4 ~ 15

Interview Mr. Willi Geller


ZERO Vol.10, No.1 Winter 2011

page 6 ~ 9

Special Interview

Mr. Willi Geller


Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry  ©️2010

Summer 2010    Volume 26    Number 2 

P20 ~ P24


Fall 2020   Volume 26    Number 3

 P12 ~ P19


Quintessence of Dental Technology

Vo.23 / 1998 January page 63 ~ 72

Special Interview

The whole picture of "Oral design" asked 

Trends in aesthetic prosthesis in Europe

Quintessence of Dental Technology

Vo.17 / 1992 March page 313 ~ 330

The 4th OCTC semminar 

 Kobe , Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

November 17, 1991


Willi Geller


INSTRUCTION ( Procedure 

2nd International Symposium on Ceramic

London, United Kingdom 

June 9th - 11th, 1984

List of presentations

- oral design

Willin Geller will give a lecture on the process of making a clinical case of a full-mouse reconstruction prosthesis from a laminated veneer case with slide photos and videos.



 List of hands-on courses

- Course with real patients

 - 3 unit zirconia porcelain bridge

 - Laminate veneer porcelain




Clinical case photos

Symposium Lecture, Hands-on Courses  History

Willi Geller Video