JUNE 16th-17th · 2023 · GERMANY · BAVARIA



The denture code.


Lecture on 16 June 2023, in the afternoon


Understanding the Oral Cavity and how to fill it. "Oral Architecture" and it's importance of position in facial manipulation and lip support. Rebuilding "The Face" after edentulism and it's degeneration. 


Started in 1980 in a full service dental laboratory in Christchurch New Zealand, Precision Dental. Processed dentures on the plaster bench, up to 25-30 sets a day, invaluable knowledge gained. 


1983 - 1987 worked in house, dental surgery with dentist Peter O'Meeghan, during this time worked closely with patients and gained invaluable knowledge of working in the patient's mouth and understanding the whole picture of what teeth are about in the skull and their position. Whilst there I visited Japan and studied ceramics at Shofu and spent invaluable time with Makoto Yamamoto. Mainly concentrating on dental ceramics. 


1987-2001 Arrived in London and gained employment in Harley Street, worked two years and then opened my own laboratory at 121 Harley Street, London. Worked entire time doing ceramics and all associated work, implant and so on. At this time worked very closely with ceramics and the patient, ie in the mouth and understanding color. Learnt about life in an international city. Created "Reality" full ceramic sculpture of the mouth. 


2001-2008 Took time out studied the birds and the bees. Lived in my Hippy commune on the east coast of New zealand in Kaikoura. Gained invaluable knowledge from surfing, gardening, and being free. Realised it was time to get back to work when one day after I had been looking at bees for two hours on flowers....it was time to return to the bench! 


2008-Present, Otago University, Gained Denturist qualification Post Graduate. Opened new business concentrating on Full Mouth rehabilitation using mainly dentures but also implant supported prosthesis. Still dabbling in ceramics. 

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