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Biography sketch

Ruud W.F.M. Sips is born in 1950 and raised in Oosterhout The Netherlands.

After a technical education at the M.T.S.- electronics of Breda he decides to go into dental business. He followed the school for dental technicians at the I.V.T. of Utrecht. During his study he started his own dental laboratorium in Oosterhout. 


Ruud Sips sr. stands for innovation and quality in his laboratory, specially with regard on the area of Gnathology he qualified himself in the Netherlands and foreign countries. Also because of these qualifications Ruud has been invited regularly to speak to dentists and dental technicians on the area of crown and bridge work, process quality, CAD-CAM  technique in relation to profitability, productivity and reliability. Ruud Sips sr. became a member of the international group of dental ceramists in 1983 Oral Design with master and founder Willie Geller


Beside carrying out his technical expertise he devoted himself to optimize c.q. improve the relationship between patient dentist and dental technician. As a result of this devotion he fulfilled several functions in the boards of foundations and professional organizations.

The last few years he has been promoting total quality in dental labs. On the 7th of juli 1993 his own lab was certified for quality assurance with NEN-EN-ISO-9001: 2000. The first dental laboratory in the Netherlands that has gone through this certification process on its own.The certificate was not an end in itself, but to activate and motivate fellow labs to learn to experience the process of quality thinking and acting. To weigh up a cultural change in the dental laboratory in order to ultimately be able to demonstrate the quality of products and processes. “Demonstrable Quality”. He is one of the founders of the Study group for quality in dentistry (SK&T). The study group has been transformed to the Dental Partners Group, a cooperation of 25 labs.


More info:

Tandtechnisch Laboratorium Sips BV in Oosterhout, The Netherlands was founded in 1975 by Ruud Sips sr. Nowadays we have 25 employees. Our progressive clientele consists of 40 dentists and several dental laboratories. They all deliver work regularly and are operating in The Netherlands and Belgium.

The laboratory has an all-round character and makes: prostheses, regulations, crowns, bridges and implant supplies with CAD Procera® System .Ultimately, at the end of 2005, Ruud Sips sold his laboratory to one of his employees.


Because Tandtechnisch Laboratorium Sips BV wants to serve its clients optimal, the organization made a great move forward by working on quality management since 1990. Ever since we have a NEN-EN-ISO-9001: 2000 certificate, which resulted in the development of a software system, named Q-Bridge. Q-Bridge is a workflow tool, which includes order- administration, planning, billing and management information. This workflow guarantees the working of the quality system and improves the quality,  productivity and reliability constantly. The data from Q-Bridge has led to the publication of:Technical Outcome of All-ceramic CAD-CAM Restorations: 10-year Follow-up Study.

Tandtechnisch Laboratorium Sips BV is one of the most progressive laboratories in The Netherlands. By now the start has been made to fulfill the need for total process control. Hereto the quality manual has been rewritten to a company manual and are we using the INK-model (EFQM-model) for revolution of the processes. To improve the processes and products we are working with Cad Procera® System and other new techniques in our production line. The Procera® System is a very successful example in relation to productivity, profitability and reliability. Like other CAD CAM systems in the market


With this process approach of making prosthetic supplies Tandtechnisch Laboratorium Sips BV is able to guarantee a predictable result for dentist and patient, which finally results in satisfied customers and of course patients. 

The membership gives a brotherly spirit between international colleagues whom operate on top level with ceramics and gives inspiration and innovation to each others laboratories. Besides The Oral Design membership, Tandtechnisch Laboratorium Sips is a member and one of the co-founders of the DentalPartnerGroup Co-operation.


In 1996 I have taken the strongest decision in my 35 years of dental professionalism. Choose for Procera System (CAD) and outsource for 90% my crowns and bridgework (CAM) Procera Production in Stockholm. The quality control of the production, productivity increases by the employee (more than 400%) and profitability in the dental lab where incredible. It’s dental business of the 21 century, digital control.

Interpreting CAD-CAM systems in the broadest possible sense in the dental laboratory is the most important task of the entrepreneur in the 21 century. Productivity Predictability and Reliability of prosthetic devices in the 21st century in the dental industry are essential to keep dental products affordable for  te patients within Europe and make laboratories competitive on proven quality of supplies.

 List of publications 

Technical Outcome of All-ceramic CAD-CAM Restorations: 10-year Follow-up Study


There are hardly any independent studies documenting the technical outcome of Cad-Cam generated restorations as manufactured by out-lab industrial centres. New technologies inherently restrict reporting to small numbers and short follow-up times. Aim of this paper is to report on the technical outcome of a large series of Cad-Cam generated full ceramic restorations for single teeth and fixed partial dental prostheses (FPDP). 


Materials & Methods: 29.775 Cad-Cam generated single full-ceramic copings and 705 FPDP of one particular brand (Procera™, Göteborg, Sweden) scanned and veneered at one dental lab (TTL Sips Oosterhout, The Netherlands) over a 10 year period were included. Coping data were collected at lab intake and when the veneered restorations were delivered and followed-up at the dental office. A follow-up of up to 10 years for any event that needed any intervention by the lab was performed. Estimation and comparison of failure probabilities was performed within a competing risks framework. α was set at 5%. Results: Of the 29.775 single copings, 1.84% were rated a failure before delivery to the dentist. The cumulative fracture failure rate of single Al2O3- vs. (n=21.777) ZrO2-restorations (n=6.576) at year 6 amounted to 2.66 and 5.01% respectively (p=0.003). Of the 705 full ceramic FPDP frames, 8.23% were rated a failure before delivery to the dentist. The cumulative fracture failure rate of 3- and 4-unit porcelain veneered ZrO2 FPDPs (n=449) at year 4 amounted to 0.76% and 0% respectively (p=0.1). When combining single restorations with those of FPDPs the cumulative porcelain veneering fracture rates of Al2O3 (21.797) vs. ZrO2-restorations (n=8.678) at year 6 was 0.24 and 0.49% respectively (p=0.00003). Conclusions: 

Current evidence suggests that all-ceramic cad-cam generated restorations have an acceptable clinical longevity that accompanies their long-lasting aesthetic advantages. Nevertheless, chipping of the veneering ceramic on zirconia restorations was doubled compared to alumina. 

Division: IADR/PER General Session 

Meeting: 2010 IADR/PER General Session (Barcelona, Spain) 

Location: Barcelona, Spain 

Year: 2010 

Final Presentation ID: 1304 


Naert, Ignace  ( Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, N/A, Belgium )

Sips, Ruud  ( Tandtechnisch Laboratorium Sips, Oosterhout, N/A, Netherlands )


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Ceramics and CAD-CAM


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-Pre Prosthetic set up to the CT stage

- Research data on Alumina and Zirconia all-ceramic restorations “Ten Years Results of Procera ® System”

-Various presentations created by Ruud Sips sr. CDT, in the field of CAD CAM related production and proces-control aspects

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  Presentations related to process control in the dental laboratory and dental practice organizations also belong to this 


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