Erik Mentink        

 Oral Design

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 Dental Address : Regentesselaan 17 7316 AB Apeldoorn Netherlands

  Phone number : +31 6 431 99388

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Biography sketch

-1964 Born in Schoten, Belgium 

-1984 Graduated from the Stella Maris Institute as a Dental Technician

-1985 Military service

-1985-1987 worked in several labs and dentist office as ceramist in Belgium

-1987 Start own lab

-2003 Certified as an oral design Member 

-2008 Oral Design BV Netherlands 

 List of publications 

-Erik Mentink : Article on screw retained implant crown in Belgian Dental Magazine

-Drs. Maarten de Beer lab work. Erik Mentink : Article in Dutch magazine Dentista Non Invasive tooth replacement” 2020-03

-Article in Dutch magazine SDU(Scientific Dentistry United) in cooperation with Drs. Nurcan Yilmaz for NVVRT .

 (Dutch Prostodontic Association) 2021-08 

List of presentations

-High End lab work

-The technical effects of implant malpositioning on suprastructures 

 List of hands-on courses 

-Platinum foil veneers

 -Preparation and selection of Lithium disilicat

 -Basic and advanced Creation build up course

 -Digital smile design to Mock-up course

 -Wax-up course




-Classic boat restoration and woodwork


Clinical case photos