Pedro L. Muñoz Lozoyo 

 Oral Design Center Madrid

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 Dental Address : C/ Padre Rubio, nº 30 28029 Madrid Spain 

  Phone number : + 34 915712798

        Cell Phone :  +34 629198357   

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Biography sketch

-He was born in 1965 in Madrid (Spain). 

-In 1982 he started to work as a trainee in Gibert´s laboratory (Madrid) in the plaster section, removable prosthesis and   ceramic.  He successfully completed his dental technician studies in Escuela Técnica Superior in Madrid complementing his

 career in different laboratories of Switzerland, Germany and France.


-In 1990 , he opened his laboratory in Madrid specialized in Ceramic and Milling Technic.


-He further specialized as he partakes to the courses conducted by Willi Geller, Klaus Mütherties ,Walter Gebhard ,Naoki

 Aiba, Hitoshi Aoshima, Asami Tanaka, Enrico Steger ,Bebi Spina,  Mario Pierattini, Antonello Di Felice, Ignazio Loi , Yves

 Probst and Pascal Magne.  


-In 1995 he changed his personal and professional life when he travelled to  the Oral Design Center of Zürich and he learned

 the stratification technic of Maestro Willi Geller taking part in Oral Design group.  


-He has conducted courses and conferences in Spain, France and Portugal using Creation & Surprise ceramic.

-Oral Design Member

-Ex member of The International Fraisage Club of Strasbourg

-Degree in Specialised Technic in Dental Prosthesis

-B.O.P.T Certificate given by Universidad Complutense of Madrid (U.C.M)

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I always try to find time to spend it with my family and I am really interested in motorbikes, bikes, trekking. I have recently discovered the hobby of flying my dron and of course cutting “Jamón Ibérico”.


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