"Oral Design Symposium" Madrid, Spain

September, 16-19, 2015




Hands-on course venue    

Lecture venue                   



Episode (6)

 1. Welcome dinner. September, 15, 2015

Members arrive one after another on the day before the meeting.And we went to dinner.


 The SIX Oral Design members are selected to give their hands-on courses during .

3. LECTURES (Day-1) 

Lecture theme : ・Live demonstration with a patient.  ・Values.  ・Planification and communication.

4. Welcome party

Welcome party with flamenco Exciting night.

5. LECTURES(Day-2)

Lecture theme : ・Management and solutions of complex cases. ・Restoring the anterior zone materials and techniques. Part1,Part2.

6. Dinner party

We enjoyed a dinner party with the afterglow of the success of the symposium.



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