Stockholm Ceramic Day 1997

Beautiful teeth and lots of dental artistry

Stockholm Ceramic Day 

Beautiful teeth and lots of dental artistry

Bo Elberg talks with some colleagues.

Naoki Aiba, an OD member, was happy to discuss aesthetics.


Bodel Sjöholm organised a Swedish meeting with the Oral  Desion group, which she also attended.

Some of the Oral Design group.

Willi Geller, a dental technician and laboratory owner from Zurich, is known worldwide for his aesthetic dental work.

In 1982 he founded the Oral Design group.

The group consists of more than 20 of the world's top ceramists and skilled dental technicians, all selected by its dental and human mentor Willi Geller. He is called the father or "maestro" of the group.


In early September they were in Sweden showing off their artistry.


At the Stockholm Ceramic Dav, the Oral Design group was the big attraction. Its members showcased fantastic images of dental aesthetics at its best. For those who attended, it was a motivational kick and very inspiring to see.


- All dental technicians should really dental technicians should see, said one dental technician. Another said that it wasn't possible to do this type of work in Sweden because the dental technician couldn't charge for the extra work. "It's obvious that aesthetics are reserved for those who can pay. But it is not the very richest people who come to us. They are the 1 group. They don't care so much about their teeth. Those who invest the most on new, young, esteemed young people who are moving up in their careers.

It is difficult to find the right words to describe the performance. There was, of course, an enormous amount of work put into the slides and seminars. Oral Design are talented artists who showcase a fantastic range of dental work. All in all, it is a dental show that can give an adrenaline rush to the artistic enthusiast.


One of the group's members, Pinhas Adar, is profiled elsewhere in this issue. He emphasised the importance of knowing who would do the dental work and communicating directly with both patient and dentist.


Thilo Vock also works very closely with the patient. He often has a picture of the patient on the computer screen or on a slide in front of him throughout the work and emphasised the importance of information, cooperation and communication between dental technicians and dentists.


At Stockholm Ceramic Day, almost 200 people had gathered to be inspired and of these, 30-40 were dentists. "It's a shame that there aren't more, so that they know what to ask for," said a dental technician.

Luca Dalloca is a dentist from Italy and he works with Roberto lafrate, technician and es-tet. Luca's advice to the dentists present was not to grind on aesthetic work if you don't like it at first sight - take a picture first, think for two weeks and then grind. Roberto's definition of beauty is harmonious balance. Creativity is reorganising elements according to certain ideals of beauty.


It was a very suggestive performance at Polstjärnan with music, beautiful teeth and beautiful people.



Claes Myhrin and Bodel Sföholm are the only ones.

Swedish members 1 Oral Desion.


Bent Hoffman organised the event at



Jacques Wagner in OD showed 1 many beautiful pictures of

natural teeth that you can learn a lot from simply examining the details of nature.


Oral Design consists of members from all over the world. Here you can see Willi Geller in the background, Greger

Oxhammar DR) talking with

one of the members, Luca Dalloca is sitting next to Thilo Vock.



Marianne Harding received aesthetic tips

and initiation

Text: Kerstin Orsen

Photo:Lena Nordkvist and Kerstin Orsen