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 Dental Address : Am Turm 26, 53721 Siegburg, Germany

  Phone number : +49(0)163-7176666

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Biography sketch

- Born14.08.58

- 1974-78 training as a dental technician with conclusion as the best of the guild.

- since 1982 head of dental laboratory Ertl + Dempewolf GmbH

- since 1985 CEO and partner of the laboratory Ertl + Dempewolf GmbH with the main focus implantology

- 1998 fusion with dental laboratory DTI Gmbh to Haus der Zahntechnik, and now with a team of over 30 employees.

- since 2005 experience with high quality full denture by Prof. Gutowski

- 2007 training „stable base“ with Volkmar Schmidt, Dialog Dental, and my first contact with Creapearl teeth

- From now on I have had the opportunity to produce the best possible dentures for patients, especially for whom implants are not     an option. 

  The benefits; optimal fit, unbreakable, no thermal insulation, very thin base, natural aesthetic looking with Creapearl teeth, no

  adhesive cream.

- 2021 member of oral design foundation

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