JUNE 16th-17th · 2023 · GERMANY · BAVARIA






2 days hands-on course 01st to 2nd June 2022, incl. Congress and party ticket

The course-language is English.


6 Anterior with gingival ceramics ( Zirconia Facial cut-back only frame design) using Willi Geller Creation ZI-CT 


Traditionally an unaesthetic outcome for partially and edentulous patients with implant rehabilitations was created due to the excessive use of tooth colored ceramics and a limited utilization of soft-tissue colors. Using both tooth and soft tissue colored ceramics allows for a more desirable esthetic outcome by creating a mirror of preexisting soft and hard tissue that was previously there. This type of treatment takes into account lip support and loss of biological tissues as well. Today, patients’ high esthetic demands require us to push the envelope of desire to recreate periodontal tissues and teeth once lost, in turn, giving restorations a more natural look with proper esthetic contours. In this course, Jungo Endo RDT will explain to you what possible problems may present in highly esthetic demanding cases and how to solve them. 


- How to achieve life-like implant restoration with gingival porcelain 

- How to take correct shade from natural gingiva and how to communicate those information with dentist. 

- How to control the value,color and translucency of gingival ceramics. 

- How to create and control of depth and value with minimal facial cut-back frame design for tooth and gingival 

   Learning surface texture and morphology 

- Introduce Oral Stratified Build-up technique for life like achievement. 


 Jungo Endo, R.D.T. is dental technician born and raised in Japan. He graduated from the Yamagata Dental Technician School in 1995. Upon completing his studies at Yamagata Dental Technician School, he went on to complete a post- graduate master ceramics course at the Osaka Ceramic Training Center from 1998 to 1999. There, he studied under Mr. Shigeo Kataoka, a renowned author of Nature’s Morphology (Quintessence). Mr. Endo received the prestigious Shigeo Karaoke Award upon his matriculation in 1999. At the culmination of his studies in Japan, Mr. Endo worked in a private lab in Los Angeles for 6 years where he caught the eyes of Dr. John Beumer, III, DDS, MS. He joined the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2005 as a master ceramist and co-instructor of UCLA Advanced Prosthodontics Laboratory Training Program. 


He specializes in ceramics on highly esthetic implant supported restorations. Mr. Endo is a renowned lecturer both nationally and globally on esthetics of complex implant- supported restorations. 

In October 2012, He owned Jungo Endo Dental Studio in Santa Monica, California. In 2013, Mr.Willi Geller selected Jungo Endo to be a member of Oral Design.


 In 2018, Jungo Endo Dental Studio opened brand new office in Hermosa Beach. 

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