The oral design International Foundation

Conditions for becoming a member of oral design.

① Attend a training session with Willi Geller or be recommended by a member.

  (Is the person sensible and technically competent?)

② Willingness of the individual.

③ Recommendation by a member from that country or region.

④ He/she has the skills and talents to organise lectures and workshops.

⑤ Understands the concept of oral design and has the elements as an oral designer.

 Have the ability to teach members.


oral design comprises a total of 138 members in 36 countries (as of January 2024). Each national oral design is an independent group with its own culture, and is structured as a group that carries the characteristics of its own country and cooperates with members in other countries as necessary.


The oral design International Foundation oversees the oral design groups in each country, deals with the basic operational issues common to each group country, and facilitates cooperation between countries. It supports national meetings and plays a key role in maintaining and promoting group cooperation and organisational creativity.





Committee members

Committee members

Committee members