The Oral Design International Foundation


For over 30 years Willi Geller, the founder of Oral Design, has observed and listened to professionals practicing dental aesthetics. When Oral Design was founded, in 1982, it started a journey to keep moving the frontiers of dental aesthetics. To increase the cooperation and communication between technicians and dentists and to improve patients' oral health and self-image.

Over the years Oral Design members together with the dental industry have refined the techniques and methods, to create and evaluate new materials and skills to be able to create life-like restorations possible.

The world of Oral Design has its node in Zurich Switzerland, where Mr. Willi Geller still holds residence, and where all paths pass. Around the globe, you will find dental technicians and dentists who live their profession the Oral Design way. Regardless of gender, race, religion, and political orientation they are all part of sharing, giving, and understanding which distinguishes Oral Design.